FORA Pen Nadeln 31G 8mm / 100 Stück

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Typ: FORA Insulin Pen Nadeln 31G/5mm, 31G/6mm, 31G/8mm, 32G/4mm


FORA Insulin Pen Nadeln Premium-Qualitätsmerkmale

  • Dünnwandige Kanüle
  • Doppelschichtige Silikonbeschichtung
  • Premium-Qualität
  • Universelle Kompatibilität

FORA Pen Nadeln 31G 5mm / 100 Stück

Thin Wall Cannula Premium Quality Safety and Reliable Quality Universal Twist

Thin Wall Cannula

Improved medication through a greater flow rate.

Advanced quality medical cannula: All 4 mm, 5mm, and 6 mm pen needles.

Premium Quality

Improve overall injection experience.

The Tri-bevel Tip and precise Metal

Cutting of the needle greatly reduce the

injection resistance. A Double-layered

Silicone Coating on the needle surface

offers an extremely comfortable

injection experience.

Safety and Reliable Quality

EN ISO13485:2016 and CE certified. The

The Tri-bevel Tip and precise Metal

FORA Pen Needles meet the ISO

standards for compatibility. They are

latex-free, non-toxic, and non-pyrogenic.

Universal Twist

Fit all major brands of insulin pens. The

FORA Pen Needles are compatible with

all major injection pen brands.

FORA Pen Nadeln 31G 5mm / 100 Stück

FORA Pen Nadeln 31G 5mm / 100 Stück

FORA Pen Nadeln 31G 5mm / 100 Stück

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